Friday, August 21, 2009

The Killers fix a bike

Last week we went out for our weekend Venus de Miles ride. Now, it was supposed to be a 38-mile ride out highway 36 to Lyons with a little Fruit Loop attached. Because it was so windy, and we all know it's no fun to be on 36 when it's windy, we took an alternate route through Hygene and then over to Lyons. Turns out, what I thought might be an extra 5 miles or so, was an extra 15 MILES.

On this ride were two ladies from Texas. JR and Lou from Austin and Waco, respectively, who were just visiting our beautiful town. AND, a super strong lady rider that just got back on her bike (Erin? I'm sorry... I've blanked on your name). AND, faithful Marion, who I will now refer to as Lady Hammer. I was supposed to be leading and Mac was sweeping. Ah, heeelllll no. These four women kicked our biking butts. Lou was gracious enough to pull me and Mac for several miles, but then we couldn't keep up with her crazy pace. These women are KILLERS!!!

Not only did these Lady Killers haul it on this extra long ride, they also managed to unmangle a chain from Erin's bike (again, apologies if this is not your name).

Those bike maintenance classes sure came in handy. And, of course, a little bit of women's intuition and elbow grease.
Bravo Killers. Keep on riding.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tutus and Butterfly Wings

Here's a wonderful note from our most dedicated volunteer, Karen Fienberg. She's a Venus 2008 rider and a Venus 2009 team member, and we love her so- Lauren

Karen with her tutu during the 2009 Bicycle Tour of Colorado

Venus de Miles 2009 is fast approaching as I type this! I have talked to several women who are registered for this exciting event and have heard some concern about riding alone or not being able to finish so I wanted to write a bit to hopefully squelch those fears for anyone who may be feeling the same.

First, I think you will rarely, if ever, be riding alone - you will be sharing an exhilarating and empowering experience with several hundred other women, many who may be participating in their first organized ride perhaps just like you! Just wait until you feel the energy at the start on the morning of the 30th. Prospect will be buzzing - I mean literally BUZZING as hundreds of women gather for the pre-start festivities.

I encourage you to chat and make new friends along the way during the ride. Last year a woman and I started chatting and we pedaled together for 25 miles. While riding we discovered that we knew a lot of the same people and just happened to both have been raised in the same area of Southern California. Crossing the finish line together was pretty cool, as we had both started out “alone.”

Second, I think you will be quite amazed (and impressed) at the amount of support and encouragement along the routes. And with the addition of the 50 mile course this year there is a terrific option to change your mileage depending on how you’re feeling that day. If you registered for 65 miles and only feel up to doing 50 you can veer off at the designated spot. And vice versa, if you registered for 50 and you find that you have your climbing legs and want to head up to Jamestown - GO FOR IT! For those of you who registered for 35 miles, pat yourselves on the back right now, because if the statistics are anything like last year we know that many of you may have never ridden that far and this will be quite an accomplishment! For many of our registrants we know that the mileage you have chosen may indeed be the most you have ever completed. We are so thrilled to be with you on that journey.

Now for the most important information - this ride is all about having FUN. This ride is all about having FUN. This ride is all about having FUN.
Did I mention that we want you to have FUN?

Now is the time to get your tutus, your wings, your tiaras, your boas (costume and craft stores have great selections) - whatever represents FLAIR for YOU! We want to see your spirit out there on Sunday the 30th. We want to see you shine and celebrate how you feel when you ride your bike. What does that look like for you?

We are going to have such a wonderful time and are so looking forward to sharing Venus de Miles 2009 - a Greenhouse Scholars Experience with you!

See you real soon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kate from NH shows us what's up

Meet Kate. She just moved here....from New Hampshire. SEA LEVEL. That's right. Just a few days, literally, after she ascended over 5000 feet in altitude she joined us for a nearly 40-mile Venus de Miles.
Here she is at El Dorado Springs celebrating her awesomeness.

Come ride with Kate and the Venus Goddesses soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just in time for the Venus de Miles Ride!

The Venus de Miles Ride is in 18 days - weeeehoooo!!! But if you're anything like most people, you tend to get a bit nervous before athletic events like this. Have no fear, tonight we have your solution!

Women's Presentation: Strategies for Dealing with Pre-Athletic Event Anxiety

TONIGHT! 7:30pm at Full Cycle at 18th & Pearl in Boulder

Free for all women!

Join Sport Psychologist and Coach Pam Landry in a discussion about techniques and tools for successful emotional regulation. You'll learn how to increase or decrease mental energy levels as needed when emotions are unbalanced prior to participating or competing in an
athletic event.

We'll have take-away handouts and worksheets so you can get ready for the big day!

Presenter Pam Landry is a veteran coach, marathon runner, triathlete and Sport Psychology consultant with 20 years of experience working with recreational athletes of all ages and abilities. She holds a Master of Science degree in Sport Psychology and specializes in working with individuals to help them to continually work on expanding their potential in both athletics and in life.

Pam has been both a coach and athlete mentor for the Danskin Women’s Triathlon series and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. She currently coaches for several Boulder area running groups, conducts Corporate Wellness Program presentations and offers
sport psychology services to groups and individual clients through her business The Athlete’s Edge. With 17 marathon finishes to date, and more on the horizon, Pam continues to train and compete regularly, and enjoys bringing her unique experiences as an athlete, coach, teacher,
mentor and mother to every athlete and aspiring athlete that she works with…..With lots of fun along the way!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Updates from Full Cycle's Venus de Miles Club

Full Cycle's Venus de Miles Club learns how to fix a flat

Hey there Venus blog readers! So a few weeks ago about 10 of us met in the side yard at Full Cycle in Boulder for a Fix a Flat clinic. It was the first time I was to teach a clinic and I was nervous! I wasn't sure weather to talk about just fixing a flat or should I talk about nutrition, Chamis butter, shifting... I mean there is so much to I want to share where do we begin! The gals showed up and we began. I am not sure if you have been on a Venus club ride but the gals are amazing. So easy and fun. My nervousness started to ease. I had all our stuff out so if there was a question I would have an example and hopefully an answer. We began with how do you start to get ready for a ride. What do YOU need, what do I need. What is a good breakfast? Then we dove into how to get the wheels on and off. I think we spent most of the time doing just that. Every bike is different. During this time we talked about shifting and gears and what do they all mean. It was so much fun and we all learned a ton! In ususal form of the VdM Woman's Cycling Club supported each other, learned, and laughed!

The ladies, posing in their Venus kits

Some Club ladies out for a ride

From Karli Gronholm, owner of Full Cycle and co-founder of Full Cycle's Venus de Miles Club

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Molly, Venus rider extraordinaire

Molly and her bike

Six years ago I would never have pictured myself riding even 10 miles on a bicycle, let alone /loving/ every minute of it! Like lots of kids growing up in LA, for me riding a bike was limited to riding laps up and down my block—busy streets and highways made me think only crazy people would choose to get around on a bike. Now I know different, and I ride every chance I get.

In my twenties I was a runner and avid hiker, but hadn’t been on a bike in years. Then something happened that changed everything for me—while I was out jogging I was struck by a car, and my leg was severely injured. With the aid of metal pins, screws, a bone transplant and a year of physical therapy, I could walk fairly normally, but could never be a “runner” again. Around that time, I moved to Colorado and got most of my exercise in the gym monotonously treading on an elliptical trainer. I never imagined I could again be an athlete, that is until I met my (now) husband Noah, who inspired my passion for cycling.
Molly with her husband Noah on trail ridge in rocky mountain

As it turns out, cycling is the best possible thing for keeping my injured body parts moving, strong and arthritis free. After the trauma of being hit by a car, I at first found it impossible to believe that I would ever feel comfortable sharing the road with cars. The first few rides were hair raising, but I quickly found a freedom and expression in cycling that I had never experienced before. Before I knew it I was riding 30 miles, 50 miles, and finally this summer I finished my first century (100 miles). The knowledge that I can power my body over 100 miles on such an exquisitely simple machine is incredibly empowering. I’ve also grown to love mountain biking. For me, it is playtime—mountain biking trails are really big playgrounds for adults (and children as well!).Molly with "Nellie" in Moab

This past year riding slickrock in Moab on my mountain bike “Nellie” and making it to the top of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park at 12,000 ft, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. But the highlight of my season was riding in the Venus de Miles with my wonderful girl friend Kerry. Being surrounded by so many positive, powerful women was truly an inspiration, and I have been waiting all year to do it again! Many thanks to the women of Venus for inspiring so many of us to reach our goals. This year I am rounding the ride out to an even 100 miles by riding from (and riding back to) my apartment in Boulder—and I am looking forward to every minute of it!

Molly Podolefsky is a Venus 2008 and 2009 rider, and an incredible fundraiser. In order to raise additional money for Greenhouse Scholars, Molly will be holding a bakesale on August 23rd at Jet's Esspressoria in Boulder. Join us for one of her delicious pies.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A note from Sarah, the Pusher(wo)man

Hey everyone. This is Vanessa. She just rode for the first time to Jamestown this past weekend with the Venus de Miles cycling crew. Vanessa just got this bike and started riding not too long ago. She is proof that with a good, steady pace and a fun group of ladies anyone can make it up to Jamestown.

Hope to see you on the next ride up to JT!!